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How to Get & Keep Good Clients

by Jay Foonberg

Global 3rd Edition (Softcover)


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by Jay Foonberg
Global 3rd Edition

“This book is so easily digested; you will not believe how much useful information it contains.”

-Michael A. O’Hara, Cincinnati Bar

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by Jay Foonberg | Global 3rd Edition (Softcover) | $99

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Join the hundreds of thousands of lawyers who have benefited from Mr. Foonberg’s sharing of information. Any one chapter or idea can immensely improve your practice income and your life. Best selling author and acknowledged marketing ace Jay Foonberg gives time-proven tips and systems that you can use for long-range and immediate marketing success. This book is not theoretical. Foonberg encourages you to try different marketing approaches in order to develop your own winning personal style. This is practical information you can put to use right away. You’ll find hundreds of useful suggestions intended to grow your practice, and improve the way you do business day to day. The end result is a more client-focused, efficient, and profitable practice with everything pointed in the right direction.


  • “Foonberg’s Favorite 51 Rules of Good Client Relations for the Busy Lawyer”
  • “How Turning Down my First Case Led to 19 Cases”
  • “How to Handle People Who Hate Lawyers or the Legal System”
  • “Fee Allocation Formulas to Encourage Marketing”
  • Numerous sample letters, homespun advice, and personal experiences, written in Foonberg’s straightforward, no-nonsense style
  • And much, much more!

Put Jay Foonberg’s over thirty years of personal experience in the continuing education field to work for you. You’ll find his advice practical and understandable as he presents even the most complex theories in a simple easy-to-learn and easy-to apply fashion. Jay believes any person can have a successful career, and have a life with high income and free of non meritorious complaints if that person is willing to learn and willing to make the simple changes he suggests.

Read the Review by The Cincinnati Bar.

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