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National Academy of Law & Ethics Management

Communications, credit card and other charges, may be processed through the National Academy of Law Ethics, and Management, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

National Academy of Law, Ethics & Management, Inc. is a Non Profit, 501 (c ) (3)Tax Exempt Corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Nevada in September, 1993.

It’s initial seminars were presented in the State of Nevada and in the State of Texas in Co-Sponsorship with the Nevada State Bar and the State Bar of Texas. It now distributes educational information through it’s books, the internet and other publications to every state in the United States and many other countries throughout the world.

The mission of the National Academy is to encourage and educate lawyers and staff with respect to good management practices which reduce or eliminate non meritorious Ethics and non meritorious malpractice complaints. Ethics complaints are more frequently the result of bad client relations than of bad ethics. Approximately 60% of ethics complaints and 70% of malpractice complaints are the result of bad management of client relations. It is the goal of the Academy to reduce these numbers by providing lawyers and others with the information they need via the providing of books, seminars, CDs and other materials and information.

The American legal system depends on a Bar which has the trust and confidence of clients and the public. The betterment of client relations in the practice of law leads to a greater confidence in the American Legal System.

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