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How to Start & Build a Law Practice

How to Start and Build a Law Practice, 6th ed.

by Jay Foonberg 6th Edition E-Book $99.99 How to Start & Build a Law Practice

by Jay Foonberg
6th Edition

“Mr. Foonberg’s book is one of the best I’ve read about managing and building a successful a solo practice.”

-viatical association

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by Jay Foonberg | 6th Edition (ebook) | $99.99

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If you have a question about starting and growing your own law practice, or improving your existing solo or small firm practice, Jay Foonberg has the answers in this power-packed, updated, and expanded new edition. Learn it all from a practicing lawyer who provides you with real answers, for real practices, gained from real experiences.This classic ABA bestseller has been used by tens of thousands of lawyers as the comprehensive guide to planning, launching, and growing a successful practice. It’s packed with 779 pages of guidance on identifying the right location, finding clients, setting fees, managing your office, maintaining an ethical and responsible practice, maximizing available resources, upholding your standards, and much more. If you’re committed to starting your own practice, this book will give you the expert advice you need to make it succeed.

How the ABA’s #1 Bestseller Will Help You

The book is organized into short, easy-to-read chapters and they deal with all the specific challenges you undoubtedly will encounter when you open your office. And the answers you’ll get are realistic, practical, and based on real-life experience. Even if you already have an established practice, you are sure to find information that will help you compete and succeed.

You’ll find a wealth of tips that can improve your practice once it is up and running, as well as dozens of time-saving templates and checklists. In addition, there is all-new material for this edition, covering areas including:

  • E-mail and the Internet
  • Law firm mergers and dissolutions
  • Student loans
  • Opportunities created by an aging population
  • Nonlawyer consultants
  • The globalization of legal practice
  • And much more!

This book is guaranteed to help you successfully launch your practice, run it at maximum efficiency, and avoid potential pitfalls along the way. You’ll get basic, practical advice given in Foonberg’s inimitable down-to-earth style–and answers to down-to-earth questions including:

  • Where is the ideal place to open my office?
  • How much cash do I need to start?
  • How can I get cash up front to reduce bad debts?
  • Should I charge for the first consultation?
  • How do I spot the client who won’t pay?
  • What kinds of equipment will I need–at a minimum–to start out?
  • What are the most effective ways of getting clients?

More than 100,000 lawyers have turned to Jay Foonberg for the secrets to running a successful law firm; now you can, too, with the acclaimed Fifth Edition.

The downloadable version of this book comes in PDF format and is now readable on the Kindle, Sony Reader and all other popular ebook readers. Click here for instructions on how to enjoy this book on your favorite reader.