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How to Start & Build a Law Practice – viatical association

Great book- covers the basics.

I’m a lawyer , the problem is if you want to start a solo practice and don’t have the connections, the author talks about, basically starting on your own after 15 years in personal injury, making millions for other people- this book doesn’t address that.

In other words starting out with few clients, starting a store front, starting with very little except your knowledge of trials and litigation.

I’m looking for that book.

Foonberg is the MAN.

This is hands down the most helpful and informative book on starting your own law firm. It is useful to novice and master alike. Read it before you gear up your practice. Then keep it on hand for encouragement and advice as the firm grows. My husband started his own firm and found this an invaluable resource. Now, almost a year later, he still finds pearls of wisdom that are applicable. Mr. Foonberg is incredibly generous in sharing the tools and attitudes that will benefit your practice. Take advantage of this good advice. Even if your resources are limited, this is the book to buy.

Not just for lawyers…

I’m a consultant, not a lawyer, but Mr. Foonberg’s book is one of the best I’ve read about managing and building a successful a solo practice. Consultants will find much of what Mr. Foonberg writes about maintaining client relationships, billing, and building up a practice both relevant and practical. I also liked the short chapters, which make it easy to pick up the book over and over again, getting a few nuggets of knowledge each time. The author’s humanistic, ethics driven approach is also much appreciated. I would have given this book five stars, but I agree with what the reviewer Michael G. Romano and others have written (below) that the sections on the internet and especially the use of email are remarkably out of date for such an otherwise useful book. Despite that shortcoming, Mr. Foonberg’s many insights and practical methods for lawyers have direct relevance for consultants as well. This is a book to be put on the shelf next to Alan Weiss’s many excellent books on building a consulting practice.

Enough specifics to make price worthwhile.

Couldn’t get it at the library, so took a chance and bought it. I’ve been in business a while and just wanted supplement existing knowledge. There are some REALLY bad books in this category- I think it’s worth it. I would refer back to it.


Gotta hand it to Foonberg! This book is required, simply cannot be done without. Highly recommended…

Product Description:

A classic ABA bestseller, you’ll find over 100 chapters packed with techniques for how to start your own law practice.