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Product Reviews

How to Start & Build a Law Practice – viatical association

Great book- covers the basics.

I’m a lawyer , the problem is if you want to start a solo practice and don’t have the connections, the author talks about, basically starting on your own after 15 years in personal injury, making millions for other people- this book doesn’t address that. [more]

How to Get & Keep Good Clients – CBA Report

Book Review: How to Get and Keep Good Clients, Global Third Edition

by Jay Foonberg

By Michael A. O’Hara

In 1968, Jay Foonberg wrote the book, How to Start and Build a Law Practice. “Big deal”, you say, “my practice is already built. What has he done for me lately?”

Do you value good clients? Jay Foonberg has written and re-written the book on How to Get and Keep Good Clients. This book could be just the thing you are looking for. First, it recognizes that not all clients are good. Foonberg maintains this is not his definition, it is yours, “A good client pays his bills to me so I can pay my office and personal bills.” Good clients are not always born. They can be made. You can make good clients out of some of the clients you have now. And, make better clients out of the good clients you have now. [more]